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Conference calling on Telkom landline

With Telkom conferencing service you can hold a telephonic meetings or calls with upto 40 participants nomatter where they located in the world. It provides you with simple and effective way to hold a conference meeting via phone.

This service does not require any operators or pre-booking and you can hold relatively not expensive meeting over the phone, connecting with participant internally in your Company or externally and all the meeting participants are billed separately.

Intiate this type of call by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Conference originator selects a five digit non-repetitive and non-sequential pin that provides security and confidentiality.
Step 2: Informs the participants of the selected five-pin number and the time of call.
Step 3: Originator tells participants to dial 0862 000 000 at an agreed time, voice prompt asks the participants to enter the PIN followed by # key e.g 16257#, and the conference call is initiated instantly.

If for any reason a Participant get disconnected from the call, he can rejoin by simply re-entering the pin, no need to phone Conference originator.