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Intellicell self service

Once you download itellicell app on your cellphone, you are ready to start using it.
IntelliCell apps allows you to perform the following:

* View your details
* Update your bank details (available only to account holders with a cash allowance)
* Book meals on the meal booking system (available only to account holders who are linked to the meal booking system)
* Register a card (available only to account holders who’s cards can be registered)
* Pay your accommodation (available only to account holders with an accommodation allowance)
* Find merchants within a 10 km radius
* Change your PIN
* View a full list of transactions

Important Note:
* Only one device can be linked to an account. If you attempt to register multiple devices, your account will be suspended
* Please ensure that your cell phone number is correct on your account (make sure that it has been updated at your funder as well)