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Mondo Cellphone Deals

Get Mondo, get Conected!
With Mondo you get connected with a contract deal or upgrade on your current contract whether from Vodacom,MTN or Telkom.

Blacklisted!!Dont worry, you have an option to obtain a credit record from local credit bereaus namely TRans Union ITC and Experian.

Mondo will bring to you a great cellular deals hussle free to help you get a new mobile contract or upgrade via the parent Company Rewardsco, which owns Mondo and has been in operation since 1996 in sales and distribution sector.

Application process with Mondo is paperless;No Fees charged;you get free Delivery; and Mondo trained and friendly customer care consultant will call you.

Get in touch with Mondo Customer Care consultants on:-
Vodacom Contracts – Call: 086 123 6666
Telkom Contracts – Call: 086 123 8888
MTN Contracts – Call: 087 310 9583